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Sunday Jan 31 2021

A lot of people have given up their resolutions already. I live in Michigan so its cold and blowing and snowing and ugh feeling. The sun has been hiding from us. I can see the appeal of just putting on a comfortable sweater and some leggings or stretchy pants and riding out the winter.  However, eventually spring will  arrive and I (we) will all wish that we had worked a little harder in the winter. The key here is a LITTLE.  This blog is all about the little tiny steps I take each week to accomplish my goals. And when I say LITTLE TINY steps, I mean very very tiny. You see, I feel like I have figured out the secret of getting things accomplished. This blog will be my attempt at sharing my methods with you.

So last week’s little steps Jan 24-Jan 30. (each Sunday I will post about my progress from the following week)

Money-sold some protein bars that I wasnt eating (25.00), returned a pair of boots that didnt fit right. Used a gift card for my hair appointment so was able to stock up on some products. Instead of buying a humidifier or new candle, I am using my diffuser and essential oils. 

Health-parked farther away in parking lot. Took two laps in hallway. Brought in half container of cookies so I didn’t eat them, walked to mail box, increased from 6.5 min on elliptical to 7.5 min, no sugar 3/6 days, good snack (fruit) after school. 

Work-Wrote for blog before work today about 10 min, graded papers during planning period, set laptop on lap when got home.

Home-pulled comforter up on bed, washed dishes out from lunch at school. Washed sheets and laundry. 

Mental-watched 2 “Google talks” about choice and meditation

Other– Wrote a letter of thanks to Debbie Macomber for writing a delightful book.

The “bursts” are not little steps. They are moments of motivation/inspiration in which I feel like doing more than the “little bit.”

Bursts-selling 3 bags of clothes and jewlery and shoes and cleaned out front seat of car. Also cleaned off my desk at school (completely)

Missteps (This is where I need improvement)

I was doing fine and then my husband had a bad day at work. So in order to handle what he told me, I ate rice for dinner (for comfort) and an entire chocolate bar (the trader joe dark chocolate kind but still it was an entire bar)

Next steps

Try for 8:30 min on elliptical

Move money for “no sugar days” into a separate account (trying a reward system as motivation to eat properly)

Health-9000 steps a day

Work-notes on tiny little habits each day, purchase a blog site and post my first post

Home-Put away clean clothes. Put sheets on bed. Clean off dresser. 

Other- write a letter to N.M. (a thank you letter for some kind words)

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