February 28-last day of the month

This isn’t a great post but I did it and that is all that counts.

Tiny steps last week

12 min elliptical to 13 (2 days) and 15 (1 day) min.

Money-credit cards are still paid off. Any money I can save is for Vegas, or Paris Olympics, or a future house.

Health-park farther away in parking lot. Did elliptical 4 times this week

Home-pulled up comforter on bed. Kept dishes out of the sink.

Mental-read a book about Motivation and Drive by Daniel Pink

Other-complimented 1 person

Bursts-I didn’t really have any except for grading almost all the essays (150) for my juniors.

Misssteps-I do great during the week and not as great on the weekend. I wonder if I am too restricting during the week and it is causing this on the weekends.

Next steps

15 minutes on the elliptical from now until Spring Break.

All money saved will go to spring break fund-have about 5 weeks

Health-stick with the one chocolate bar per week

Work-stay on top of lessons, planning, grading and preparing for tennis season

Home-keep dishes out of sink. Maintain clean bedroom

Other-send St Patricks Day cards to my nieces and my Grandma

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