March 14-learned a lot this week

This week was a good week-especially coming off of last week’s failure. One of the biggest things that I learned was that persistence is everything-in work, in life, in diet, in saving money, in EVERYTHING. No one that accomplishes anything did it because they gave up, so despite last week being a failure, I persisted and kept going this week with my tiny steps. It was a good week.

Elliptical-I didnt do it this week. It was really nice out in Michigan and I took that opportunity to walk outside for exercise instead. 4 days this week. Tennis coaching starts next week so I am sure I will be getting more steps in during future weeks.

Health-I parked far away in the parking lot and enjoyed my walks outside.

Diet-3 full keto days and the other days were quasi keto. I consider that a win. I feel good. Not sure if I am losing weight but I am not gaining weight so that is a win.

Money-I did a great job with this. I used EXACTLY the money I had budgeted for the week and while I didn’t get to save anything, I did not have to take money out of my savings account. I also got myself an oil change and my hair colored with my budgeted money. Huge win! Sold a jacket that I wasn’t wearing (on ebay) so that money will be put into savings. Also I had to replace my toothbrush this week (electric one that wouldn’t charge anymore) so I used my credit card points and bought one. It was technically free! yay!

Home-on Friday night I watched a few youtube cleaning/organizing videos and felt the desire to “tidy up” my bedroom. I also got rid of a jacket that could not be repaired and was coming apart (faux leather coming off)

Mental-I am reading a book about sleep. It is very interesting.

Other-I complimented a person and went to my niece’s soccer game.

Bursts-a bit of a burst to tidy my bedroom after watching some decluttering videos on youtube.

Missteps-not really. It was a good week. Even when I didn’t eat fully keto, I didn’t do anything crazy and I am happy about that.

Next steps. Persistence and maintenance of current tiny habits.

Elliptical-I am uncertain about this because tennis is starting and so that means a 2 hour practice after school. I will see how much energy I have.

Health-I will continue eating my cheese sticks for breakfast, salads for lunch and almonds for a snack. Dinner will be a challenge as always and I am working on that.

Money-I will save whatever amount (be it small or large) and transfer it to my Vegas account. We go in 3 weeks so need to keep my eye on the ball for that trip.

Home-I actually am doing a load of laundry right now and I threw away some papers. I also put away a pile of clothes that had been sitting out for a while.

Tiny tip for laundry sorting. When the clothes come out of the dryer, dump them IMMEDIATELY onto a surface that you need clear (couch, bed, dining table) This will force you to fold them and put them away so that the activity in that space can continue.

Mental-continue reading the book about sleep and not be ashamed of wanting or needing more sleep.

Other-keep a good attitude about coaching tennis. I saw a quote that said “you can complain and whine or you can accept and move through” so that is what I will do. Accept and move through.

Have a great week! THANK YOU to my 19 followers! I hope these words inspire you to make tiny positive choices in your own life this week 🙂

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