March 28-use it or lose it! (the motto of my 96 year old Grandma who still drives and lives alone and moves her own patio furniture)

Last week I did not post. I woke up and my whole body ached-mostly legs and right arm. It was from teaching tennis and standing on cement for 2 hours every day to feed balls. This is something I had no trouble doing 10 years ago in the height of my tennis coaching. However, I am 10 years older and my body was not used to it (USE IT OR LOSE IT) so it rebelled against me and made me rest for a whole day. (I was fine the next day after a bit of ibuprofen and rest and hydration.)

Elliptical-probably am not doing while I am coaching. I get 10-12 thousand steps a day at this point with work and practice. Once matches start, I will get even more so trying to preserve energy.

Health-I am parking in a separate parking lot (athletic parking lot) so it naturally increases my steps every day and allows me to drop my clothes in the locker room so that I can change for practice (If you are new here, I am a high school teacher and tennis coach)

Money-did a great job with this also. Was able to save about 100.00 to put toward the Vegas fund. We are leaving in 4 days so it is crunch time!

Home-Staying up on the dishes is about all I have accomplished. I make sure to use the same coffee cup and lunch dishes so that I MUST wash them each day and they don’t pile up in the sink. I have found that when you always have a backup, you get lazy and don’t wash stuff. Henry David Thoreau said “One is enough,” and he was so right. Another tip is to always take something with you when leaving a room/place. When I leave the living room, I take a cup with me to the kitchen.

Mental-reading a book on motivation for exercise called NO SWEAT. I will discuss this in a future post

Other-wrote a thank you note to my parents

Bursts. So last Sunday when I didn’t feel great, I realized that I had eaten some heavy sugar items along with my quasi keto diet. So my burst this week was to be very strict about only eating carbs in fruit (blueberries and bananas) and the low carb Aunt Millie’s bread which is delicious! I FELT SO MUCH BETTER! So even though I don’t think I lost any weight, I FEEL BETTER and isn’t that what we are all after? I also chose a salad on Saturday night instead of pizza because I wanted to feel good this morning-AND I DO!

I was also VERY stressed last week at work so I tidied up my classroom and shoved things into drawers and cupboards so that I have a lot of clean spaces around me. It helped a lot. Every morning I put a few more things away (out of sight) and just that small action/step has REALLY helped the stress level at school.

Next steps

Continue the parking farther away

I will get a lot of steps in Vegas

I will eat as healthy and low carb as possible but it is vacation and I will be treating it as such 🙂

Money-I will also be using some of my vacation money to visit the outlet mall on vacation and buy some shoes (haven’t bought dress shoes for work in over 2 years and pain free feet are a must!)

THANK YOU to my 30 followers! You keep me honest and keep me going! Have a great week and a half ( I will post after we return from Vegas)

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