April 11-Changing the tiny habits a little. Food Journal week.

So I just got back from the Vegas trip that I had written about in previous weeks. It was great-not long enough but what vacation ever is right? And one of the great things we did on this vacation was spend our mornings by the pool. There is nothing like a little pool time with strangers to make you wish you had worked a little harder on your “beach bod” over the winter.

I am not a jealous person by nature. Every once in a while the little green monster pops up in my head but for the most part, I believe that if you work hard, you deserve what you get and so I am not usually jealous of people. WELLLLLLL I was a little jealous of the bodies I saw at the pool. So immediately I did what I assume most women do and I started think of what diet I was going to start when I got home. But then I thought about this blog and how I would eventually like to travel around the country (and world) and give speeches to people about how the tiny habits worked and all the other stuff doesn’t. I also HATE the idea of going on a diet-the mere mention of the word makes me say UGH.

So I counted how many weeks of school I have left. (approx 8.5 so we will say 8)

And I researched some “weight loss tips” while I was sitting at the pool and I had an idea. What if every week, for the next 8 weeks, I tried these tips? Added a different tip each week? Couldn’t hurt anything and it might help. So this week will be a “food journal.” I will not be analyzing what I eat or counting calories or anything like that-I will simply be writing down everything I eat and seeing if it helps. I will still try to follow a lower carb diet but I will include how I feel when I eat/don’t eat/exercise/etc… I gave myself a few days practice before today and just after being at my parents for a couple days…DANG I am NOT eating great! So maybe my disappointment in my body is well deserved. I am sure that if I showed a nutritionist my food log, he/she would laugh in my face. Therefore, it has been slightly effective so far even though I am not doing a specific diet or severely restricting my eating-remember, I am looking for tiny habits that simply become a lifestyle.

So this week is simply food journaling. If I have time (which is unlikely because I am coaching 3 tennis matches this week and teaching full time) I may analyze how many calories I am eating, but we will see. It is a work in progress, just like everything. The goal is to get to June 9 (last day of school) and feel more in control of my eating, a little trimmer, and not feel like I went on a diet.

THANK YOU to my 37 followers! I wondered if anyone was reading my words and apparently 37 of you are so thank you! You make me smile, keep me honest, and keep me going.

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