April 18-Go tiny or don’t. Sweets are where I can’t.

I have an enormous sweet tooth. Always have. I attribute my unhealthy eating to this sweet tooth and when I can get it under control, I am usually healthier. Last fall I went strict keto and lost a good amount of weight. I felt good but also too restricted, so I started cheating a little here and there during the holidays. Then the pandemic hit and I actually did pretty well when we were in lockdown.

Where things started to go poorly was this fall when I started school again. Teaching in a pandemic has been HARD. I’m tired and stressed and have been using food to comfort myself. I don’t know if it has really helped, but it’s what I have been doing.

Now I am in the midst of coaching my tennis season and I am eating terribly because I am even more tired and even more stressed. So, while I am sticking with tiny habits for a lot of things, I need to do something to get my diet back to healthy. No more candy. No more cookies. No more desserts, cakes, etc…Until my birthday on June 5. Thats about 7 weeks away. I thought I could eat a tiny bit of these things each day and be fine. I can not. The minute I open the “dessert door”, it’s a run away train.

So I am going “big step” for this one for the next 7 weeks. No sweets until my birthday. I will keep you posted. Wish me luck.

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