May 2-week 2 of no sugar got a little harder

If you read my post last week, you saw that I decided to give up sugar until my birthday. Its a big habit instead of a tiny habit, but I felt like I needed something drastic to kind of “jolt my system” back into healthy eating.

It did exactly what I wanted it to. And last week wasn’t that hard. This week wasn’t even too bad until Friday. Someone brought homemade cookies to school on Friday. And someone said “oh just have a bite” and I did. And that SHOULD have been the end of it. But it wasn’t. In 100 percent transparency, I did NOT eat any more sugar. However, I DID eat a LOT of other food to try to replace the feeling of not having sugar.

I wasn’t even that hungry but I felt deprived and wanted something. So I ate some popcorn. And then I had a glass of beer. Then some potato chips. Then some wings. Then a granola bar. Then another glass of beer. These are all things I wouldn’t normally eat (or at least I wouldn’t eat all on the same day).

So I felt like I had failed. And yet…I did NOT go get a donut/muffin for breakfast the next day. I did NOT eat any sweets the rest of the weekend. I went grocery shopping today and bought grapes and bananas and blueberries. So I am succeeding right?

Well, this week starts teacher appreciation week and it is going to be tough because a lot of “treats” will be brought into school that normally aren’t there to tempt me. So here is where the tiny habits come back into play. I am going to take it one day at a time. I succeeded today. I will try again tomorrow. And if tomorrow is a failure, I will try again Tuesday. And of course, next Sunday, I will let you all know how I did. Wish me luck!

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