May 9-week 3 no sugar is working but…

I have cut out desserts (cakes, cookies, chocolate, etc…) for 3 weeks now. And I wanted to see if it was working. Here are the results…

I have been sleeping better

I have had more energy

I have lost 4-5 pounds (and I am not really restricting my eating except for the sweets) so it is working.

So why am I disappointed? Because I miss sweets. Not all the time, but I miss them. It was teacher appreciation week and Mothers Day today. I had ONE cookie for the week (from a special bakery in town) and one small piece of pie today. I have avoided a lot of the sweet stuff this week but in those two instances, I gave in. And here is the disappointing part-instead of eating them and feeling good, I just wanted more. I really think, for whatever reason, that eating sugar is like pouring gasoline on a fire for me. It ignites my hunger and my desire for more. No matter how much I have, I want more.

I need to use this information and move forward and continue eating healthy. I know I am doing the right thing but it is hard. I also really struggle with eating poorly when I am stressed and these last few days have been extremely stressful and it doesn’t seem like it will calm down any time soon either (random back and neck pain, teaching, coaching, house shopping, etc…)

Tiny habits that I am still practicing are saving spare change for a trip to Paris, washing out my lunch dishes at school instead of waiting and bringing them home, and parking farther away in the parking lot (easier now that the weather is getting a bit nicer in Michigan)

As I start week 4 of no sugar, I encourage others to do it. I am fully in support of small changes but in some instances, a drastic change may be necessary and this is appearing to be the truth with me.

Until next week-stay healthy!

THANK YOU SO MUCH to my 40 followers! I think of each of you when I write my posts. Have a great week!

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