June 20-A month of crappy eating

Why is it so hard to take care of ourselves? I have lots of excuses (and so do other people). No time, too hard, stressed out, no access to workout place/healthy food, it was a holiday/vacation, want to just enjoy myself and not worry, ate out a lot, my favorite bakery just opened for the summer, etc… There are plenty of the old standards for excuses and I think I used them all in the last month. My favorite is…well I have already eaten poorly today, this week, etc… so I might as well eat some more crap.

As I type them out, I can see how ridiculous they sound but in the moment, they make perfect sense to my brain.

So here is where the tiny steps HAVE to come back in. They are essential. The “no sugar” was working so well and yet, I went away from it. Why? Well, see the above excuses. However, I believe the tiny steps are what will help me get back on track quicker and sooner

So walking each day and saving sugar for weekends (if any). Those will be what I work on this week. Tiny steps and tiny habits. Its summer and I want to enjoy. I think these things will help me to do that, while still helping me achieve my goals.

Also THANK YOU to my 47 followers-you keep me going and keep me honest!

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