June 21-Bonus post. “Tiny time”

I, like many other people, get overwhelmed with big tasks. A lot of people either give up or just don’t do whatever it is that needs doing until it takes a LOT of time to rectify the situation (think all day Saturday house cleaning.)

So, my solution is “tiny time.” I am currently packing up to move and it is an overwhelming task (where did all this stuff come from ?!?!?!?!). So, I have been tackling packing in tiny bursts of time. I put on the home renovation tv channel for inspiration and during every commercial, I pack a bag, box, drawer, etc… Then, I make SURE to sit down and watch the episode until another commercial happens. It has been a great motivator. Today alone I have packed two dressers, the stuff under the kitchen sink, and 3 cabinets in the kitchen. And it is only 10 am! Plus, I am still motivated to keep going instead of dreading the next items that I need to pack.

Other “tiny times” that I have taken advantage of are

Washing a few dishes while water boils or the stove heats up.

Wiping down the bathroom sink as I swish mouthwash around.

Folding laundry on commercials.

Putting away last night’s dishes while my morning coffee brews.

Grading papers in the hallway during passing time (I teach in a high school and we are expected to stand outside our classrooms to monitor passing time)

Sorting paperwork while my husband watches baseball (I don’t enjoy watching baseball but he does)

I know that the “disaster cleaning videos” are fun to watch on Youtube but I have to wonder “what if these people would clean and tidy during “tiny times” and save their days for something more enjoyable? Just a thought. Have a great Monday!

THANK YOU to my 47 followers-you keep me going and keep me smiling!

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