July 9-back to tiny (expectations might be too big)

We moved into a new house about a week ago. Once again, overwhelming. It is a bit of a fixer upper. When you couple that with having some stuff at my parents house, stuff still in boxes, etc… I don’t really feel “settled.” People keep asking if I feel settled and despite working 10-12 hours a day for the last 1-2 weeks on the house, the answer is NO, I still don’t feel settled.

And of course I took this time of not feeling settled to try to eat better, workout more, organize, clean, you name it.

WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!?! Why do we do this to ourselves? Or maybe it is just me? People always say to have high expectations and then rise to meet them. Yes, but my head is spinning. I can’t remember anything. I can’t seem to focus. So, again, I need to go back to tiny. I really believe that tiny is the way to go-even when I try to go big.

I put away one box/bag of clothes and then I sat down and took a break.

I gave myself a “break” from trying to cook and eat healthy and instead went through a drive thru and got a fast food burger.

I worked on one small area of the house and then took a break from the other areas.

I bought giant ziplock bags to put my winter clothes in so they can be stored in the basement.

These tiny steps are helping me. I am starting to feel a bit more settled. It is not perfect yet but at this point, I have to stay tiny. Its the only way to go.

THANK YOU to my 50 followers! FIFTY! SO EXCITING! You keep me smiling and staying tiny 🙂

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