July 28-“I must break you”

I love the movie Rocky IV. I think it is one of the most inspirational movies ever. The music is great. The story behind it is great. Everything. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.

So there is a scene where Ivan Drago (Rocky’s opponent) tells him “I must break you” in the ring. Then he hits Rocky’s gloves and Rocky shakes a bit because Ivan hits them so hard.

I feel like Rocky. Recently I have had a few personal challenges that feel as tough as Ivan Drago. Just like Rocky, I got “hit in the gloves” and shook a little. It wasn’t fun. It hurt. It was scary. All the emotions that I am sure Rocky felt in that scene. But yesterday I made a decision…

I WILL NOT LET THIS BREAK ME. If you watch the movie, you know what happens (I won’t spoil it for you), but I feel like this must be what Rocky said to himself.

My tiny habit each day is just some simple self talk. I will not let these challenges break me. I am tougher than my “Ivan.” So to all of you out there that are facing some tough challenges, make a decision. Ask yourself-is this going to break you? Or are YOU going to break IT? I invite you to dig in and go for it. I know I am.

THANK YOU to my 52 followers! Keep your head up and your habits tiny!

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