August 18- Staging vs Living

Everyone’s lives are hectic. Work, house, kids, school, illness, self improvement, self care, etc… The list goes on. Some of the “hectic” we make ourselves (feeling the need to achieve certain goals) and some of it is thrust upon us (like a loved one getting sick). No matter what your story is, you probably have at least one part of your life that is a little crazy.

I used to try to calm the crazy. I used to try to control the crazy, or brush away the crazy, or ignore the crazy. You can’t. Just when you get the crazy taken care of in one area of life, something else pops up. For those of us that are perfectionists, this can eat at us terribly. We just want things to settle down.

Well, I don’t think it is going to happen. After 42 years of life, I think it is about riding the crazy. Staging to sell a house falls into the “control the crazy” category, OR the “don’t let others SEE your crazy.”

I titled this post “staging vs living” because if you have every tried to sell a house, you usually “stage it” a little so that potential buyers can imagine themselves in the space. It involves decluttering and removing personal items. It sometimes involves very neutral decor.

Well, yesterday I decided to flip the script. We have 3 bedrooms in our new house. 1 for my husband and I. 1 for the cats (they have a bedtime and get put in the bedroom for the night so they don’t run around the house-they like it I promise!) And 1 spare room. I SHOULD stage it as a bedroom. However, my husband and I would like to have more closet space….Soooooo….I am turning it into a GIANT closet! This is NOT realtor approved by the way. However, I had to look around at what we needed/wanted and figure out how to make it happen. We have very busy jobs and so having a clean and organized room for our clothes and shoes would be hugely helpful.

Yes, minimalism would tell me to get rid of some stuff, but I don’t want to. My husband doesn’t want to. And we are paying for a house every month so why can’t we make it what we want? Thats the realization I came to yesterday. I CAN have a GIANT walk in closet. And when it comes time to sell the house, I will box up my clothes and turn the room back into a bedroom. I will “STAGE” it. But for now…I am going to “LIVE” in it.

The tiny step part will be that I can’t do everything all at once. I will slowly move some of our clothes into this room, look for dressers at yard sales, paint, get curtains, etc…but I am going to LIVE in this space.

My question for you today is where are you “staging” your life instead of living it? Basically where are you putting on a show for others instead of taking care of what you need? For me, it is with this closet. For you? Ask yourself if you are “living” or “staging.”

Happy Wednesday to my 55 followers! Hope you have a great rest of the week. And tomorrow is going to be a tough one….I am supposed to do 16 minutes of elliptical AND rip out a bunch of landscape. My body is gonna HUUUURRRRRTTTT! Wish me luck!

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