August 20-tiny steps when overwhelmed

So yesterday I did NOT exercise on the elliptical. I pulled out landscape and moved rocks and shoveled for about 3 hours, so I am positive that I worked out harder than 16 minutes of elliptical. However, two things were evident. 1. I think I am getting stronger and the elliptical is why and 2. Sometimes you have to give yourself a little grace on your goals.

Today, I jumped right back on and did 17 minutes of elliptical.

But this post isn’t about exercise, this post is about overwhelm. I have many things going on in my life right now.

  1. My father is ill and having surgery and things aren’t going well.
  2. I am moving into a new classroom, but the old person hasn’t moved out yet so I have nowhere to put my stuff.
  3. We bought a fixer upper house so there are many projects to do that stare me in the face every morning.
  4. I start school on Monday and I have a whole new curriculum and two of my “teacher friends” aren’t working for the district any more.
  5. My husband has taken a brand new job and is very busy trying to do all the things necessary for that.

So what is a person to do when it feels like everything around them is in chaos?

Find one tiny task that you can complete and do that.

So I am doing a load of laundry. I like doing laundry. I love the fact that I can put some soap into a machine and walk away and about 50 minutes later, Voila! Clean clothes! Then you move them to the dryer and about 50 minutes later, Voila! Clean, dry clothes! I am sure I get a little too excited about laundry, but I have been doing my own for about 25 years now and the process never ceases to amaze me or make me happy. Also, pro tip (that I just started). Separate the darks and lights BEFORE you even think about laundry. I have two laundry baskets-one dark blue for all dark colored clothes and one is white for the light/white colored clothes. When one of them gets full, I take it downstairs, dump the whole thing in the wash and push a button. It almost seems too good to be true!

So while I can’t seem to affect a lot of the stuff that is overwhelming me right now, I can focus on one tiny little task like doing a load of laundry and it makes me feel better. what tiny little task can you accomplish today that might make you feel better?

THANK YOU to my 56 followers! You make me smile every day!

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