November 6-Tiny update aka “Where have you been?!?!?!?”

It has been so long! Well yes, please let me tell you why…

1. I got a new teaching job 4 days before school started

2. We put our house up for sale and purchased one closer to my new job

3. My dad passed away after a year long cancer battle

4. I got Covid and lost my taste and smell

5. I am studying to try to pass the French test for teacher certification-the test was last night.

6. My husband is having double cataract surgery

7. My cat got sick and needed 3 trips to the vet

8. My husband also started a new job about a month before I did

9. My husband got Covid and I need to pack us up and move us to the new house.

When I write all of this down, it is not hard to see why I havent exercised/written/done anything. I mean dang. How much more can a person take right? I have asked myself that many times during the last two months (yes this all happened in the last 2 months). And yet today, one of you read my blog and liked a post from August. So I reread that post.  And I still believe in the tiny steps. 

SO as I have been battling and surviving all of this, I am finally at the point where I can say…ok how do I make some tiny steps forward?  My husband has a saying that I’m sure he got from somewhere else “survive and advance.”  There has been a whole lot of survival lately.  But I really feel like I am coming through on the other side and just might be ready to advance. 

So I am taking ONE tiny step for the next little while. And do you know what it is? LESS. I’m making a conscious effort to DO LESS, EAT LESS, BUY LESS, WORRY LESS, STRESS LESS. JUST LESS.

What exactly does that look like? I am not 100 percent sure but I am going to give it a try and keep you all posted on my progress of it 🙂

THANK YOU to my 63 followers! You inspire me to “advance!!” Have a great week!

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