Dec 30, 2021 Get rid of New Year’s Resolutions

If they work for you, then keep going with them. However, in a 2016 study of the 41 percent of Americans that make resolutions, only 9 percent felt like they had accomplished them at the end of the year.

Top resolutions every year are to workout/improve fitness/get fit, lose weight, save money, improve diet. So that tells me something. We all WANT to be better and we start out with a bang and then something happens and we stop working toward the goals for whatever reason (I think it is because we go too big too soon and too many-hence the purpose of this blog)

I don’t know about you, but I have made resolutions for a majority of the New Year’s and I seem to always fail at them just like most people do. So I am taking a different approach in keeping in line with this website.

I started working out on the elliptical for one minute on Monday. One minute, that was it. Then 2 minutes on Tuesday, 3 on Wednesday, and I completed 4 minutes today. Going VERY tiny. It has been hard to get motivated since I had Covid. I am still very tired. My goal is to increase one minute each day until I get up to a good 30ish minutes of Cardio. But that might take a while. It might take until summer. It might take until next December. I don’t know but I do know one thing. One minute on the elliptical is better than no minutes on the elliptical.

I am not worrying about my diet at this moment. I am not worrying about losing weight or saving money or any of the other goals that I put on my resolution list. I am going tiny. Just exercise. Just one minute increases. Just that. Thats it. OBVIOUSLY, my long term plans would be to accomplish all those other resolutions but if I can get one under my belt, I know that I will feel better. I will keep you posted on this progress.

THANK YOU to my 65 followers! Keep on keeping on!

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