January 15-two weeks past New Years (are you going to break your resolution???)

So it is 15 days into the new year and a lot of people are right on the cusp of when a goal or resolution starts to get hard. Mine hit me yesterday. Now I told you in the last post to get rid of your resolutions. I was JUST focusing on adding 1 minute of elliptical each morning to my routine. Today was 18 minutes. But yesterday (17 minutes) almost broke me, so I am here to tell you what happened and how I pushed through it

First, I woke up sweaty (we sleep at about 60 degrees so this shouldnt have happened). Then, even walking down to the basement made me winded-not a good start for a workout.  Then, I got on the elliptical and EVERY SINGLE MINUTE was agonizing. It wasnt painful but it didnt feel good. I felt winded, out of shape, and just plain yucky(medical term-LOL)

I told myself to just go one more minute.  I made it 12 minutes that way and felt like I had to sit down. So I stopped.  I left the timer on my phone at the 4 min and 48 seconds mark that I still had to finish.  All day I felt tired.  But when I got home, I finished those 4 minutes and 48 seconds and they werent that bad.  Sometimes we get so wrapped up in “how to workout like the magazines or trainers say we should” that we don’t cut ourselves any slack. My body STILL did the work. Am I proud of that? You betcha!  And this morning, I was a little scared that I would feel the same way as yesterday but guess what?  I did 18 minutes and felt not too bad-actually felt SUPER proud of myself. And isnt that the point of all of this?  Feeling good? 

So if you did set a resolution and are about to quit, can I ask you some questions?

  1. Could you “break it up” when you work on the goal? (like I did with the 12 minutes in the morning and 5 at night?)
  2. Could you “back off a little” but not stop? (just doing 1 minute instead of no minutes)
  3. Could you “maintain”  instead of trying to improve?-for example if it keeps being difficult I might stop at 20 min and only do 20 min for a few weeks until I feel stronger.

So this has been the tiny step I have been working on for 18 days.  When I started back to school, I added a banana to my lunch.  This is another one of my tiny steps. I am NOT dieting, but I wanted to let you in on another small healthy change that I am making. (each week I will try to add something VERY TINY and let you guys know how its going. So far the banana thing is going well -I love bananas so it was an easy healthy addition.

Good luck this week and I will see you next week!

THANK YOU to my 68 followers! You keep me motivated and smiling!

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