January 22, 2022 -two tiny tips to help you this week

Here are two little tips I used this week.

Just do one minute

(This was a journal entry from one of my days this week)

Jan 18

So how did I start my morning? well I have been up since about 415 and tried to go back to sleep until 5 AM. Then I decided to get up and have a cup of coffee in my coffee maker It used water it already had in it and overflowed my coffee cup. Also that made my coffee very weak. I did not want to work out at all because my head hurts and I just didn’t want to do it. However I did tell myself that if I could just do one minute I would do the other 19 minutes when I get home from school today I just had to do one minute. So then I got on my elliptical and kept going and was looking for a book to read and before I knew it I had done seven minutes and I couldn’t believe it. So I kept going because might as well and when I got to 20 minutes I actually added a minute and a half because I felt pretty good I can’t believe it I’m still in awe.

I’m thinking that one of the most valuable rules is going to be the just give it one minute.

one minute of studying

one minute of cleaning

one minute of working out

one minute of doing your taxes (this might be a little harder)

Whatever it is, do it for one minute and then promise yourself to obey yourself so after that one minute you can stop and you have succeeded. Now eventually you will need to do more than one minute to get things done but let’s not talk about that right now. The goal is to just get us to the place. For example the tiny step is just to get us to the elliptical machine. You might surprise yourself.

Never leave a room empty handed

I saw this tip on a website somewhere about how to keep your house clean and picked up. Every time you get up from your chair, bed, dinner table, etc…take something with you that belongs in another room and put it in that room.

For example, when I get up to use the restroom and I pass by the kitchen, I take my water glass to the sink on the way. When I get out of my car each day, I take something with me that belongs in the house (sweatshirt, travel mug, papers, mail, change from my cup holder, etc…)

When I head downstairs to feed the cats, I take down a box that needs to be stored. When I come back upstairs, I bring a laundry basket full of clothes.

It seems to keep the clutter at bay.

Heres to a good week-make every day better than the last! And to my 69 followers THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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