February 13-2022 Yesterday was a “burst” day-cleaned out 4 bins of papers and miscellaneous items.

I have been talking about the tiny steps and am currently working on a book that will have them laid out by sections instead of randomly like this. The blog is more for how I am “doing” and to show the actual day to day process of change and how hard it is for people.

For example, I only worked out 3 times this week despite getting a brand new treadmill.

I ate pretty well at the start of the week and then had some major slip-ups toward the weekend.

Money wise I am on track and actually hit a big goal amount for the Olympics that we are attending in two years (yes, I will keep saving because who knows what the world will look like in 2 years)

Work wise I have been doing a good job of keeping up with email, grading, planning, meetings, teaching, etc…

I am studying French and am currently managing a 49 day streak on Duolingo right now.

So all in all, pretty good. So what is a “burst” day

Its a day where you feel like tackling more of a goal but all it is is a temporary burst in time/energy/motivation/etc… YOU CAN NOT think that this is your new normal. Here’s what I mean.

Since we moved into our new house, I have used one bedroom as the office and it is where we store important papers/documents/etc… I have just been throwing everything into a laundry basket in there and not sorting or filing it. I figured I would get to it one of these days and one of my small steps of house management was to make sure that the dinner table was clear each night and that we had a place for mail and other things to go. I succeeded. Yesterday, my husband ran an all day wrestling tournament and I stayed home to rest. I found myself sitting in front of the TV and realized it would be a good time to sort out the giant basket of mail(tax time is coming up). Not only did I sort through an entire laundry basket of papers, I managed to sort through 3 other sacks that had miscellaneous objects in them. It was awesome. So awesome that I thought…”Ill do more tomorrow.” Well tomorrow has arrived and I haven’t done a single thing. This is where I have to call yesterday for what it was-it was a burst and it was great but it is over until the next time. Today, I simply focused on having a cleared off dining table and I succeeded.

And yet the laundry is almost done, the dishes are done, dinner is in the crockpot so the tiny steps are still at work for those things as well.

So what can you learn from this-some days are bursts and some days are tiny steps. You CAN NOT confuse the two or get mad. As soon as you learn this, you will feel better and be more productive.

THANK YOU SO MUCH to my 71 followers! AMAZEBALLS! You keep me on my tiny journey and I am so thankful.

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