February 20-tiny steps to help our minds

Yesterday I listened to a webinar (many success gurus) and they all seemed to have one underlying message-fix your thinking. How many times do we stop to think about our thinking? We charge through life with goals and hopes and dreams and plans and jobs and trips and…

So how do we fix our thinking? Well that is a multilevel issue and that I am just scratching the surface of at the moment. Before I used to think that it was just “having a positive attitude.” But what do you do when you DONT have a positive attitude and you don’t feel like trying to find one either?

Some say to practice gratitude. Some say to meditate. Some say to get more sleep. But what about our self talk? What about the stuff we say or don’t say to ourselves on a daily basis? For example, if you say “ugh, I gotta go to work today,” it starts off your day in kind of an icky mood. Some people say to change it to “I GET to go to work today.” I mean thats a nice technique but when your job is tough, its a little hard to swallow.

I definitely want to dive into this topic more. Some of the success gurus from yesterday have books that you can buy (and of course they have thousand dollar seminars you can attend) but I think I am going to start with the books.

I will keep you posted on this issue. This week, my tiny habit to “change my thinking” will simply be to wake up and tell myself that no matter what happens today…”I got this”

THANK YOU to my 71 followers-I hope you have an amazing week!

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