February 27-a bit of an experiment this week

Sometimes you doubt yourself. That was me this week. I wondered if the tiny little habits that I have adopted/created/used were really doing much, so I thought I would experiment this week.

Instead of taking things to a different room every time I went, I only took them when I thought about it.

Instead of doing a few dishes here and there while I waited for dinner/coffee/etc…I left them in the sink and said “I will do them once I have a whole sink full”

Instead of hanging up my clothes after work, I threw them into a pile beside my bed.

Instead of cleaning off the dinner table each night, I just kept piling stuff onto it

Instead of putting things away in the morning after I used them in my bathroom, I left them on the counter.

So how did it go? I wanted to go an entire week to report back on here-I made it 2.5 days before I felt like the house was turning into a dump! I am sure that by some people’s standards, it still looked fine but I have become used to (and happy with) cleared off surfaces.

If you are a “messy person with a messy house” I am telling you right now that it DOES NOT TAKE LONG to get that way! So don’t feel badly! Just start putting a few of the tiny steps above into practice and keep them going. Don’t worry about cleaning and all that other stuff right now. Just work on one surface and go from there. And P.S. I didn’t save any time by not doing the tiny steps right away. (One lie that we sometimes tell ourselves)

THANK YOU to my 71 followers-hopefully you will have a tidy week with the tiny steps!

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