March 12-I don’t feel well

Many of you know that I am a teacher and I seem to have caught the cold that has been going around our school right now. Ugh!

General sickness always gives me a pause-I think to myself…what could I have done differently to have avoided this?

I am not eating very well-too much sugar and too many nights of takeout

I am not drinking a lot of water

I am not exercising-husband had eye surgery this week so my efforts went to taking care of him (before I got sick myself)

And I am stressed-I have been trying to reduce my stress and it hasn’t been working.

So what tiny step or steps can I take to get myself feeling better?

I am drinking a lot of water

Its about all I feel like I can handle right now.

Thank you to my 73 followers! I hope to feel better next week and can offer more insight then.

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