March 27-week 1 update of no sugar and increased steps

So my goal was to average 8500 steps a day. I did not meet that goal. It will be my goal again this week. I hit 8200 0n average and my husband had eye surgery so not bad!

I did manage to avoid sugar all week and I have to say that I definitely feel better. I feel more in control of my eating.

So this week

  1. continued no sugar
  2. average 8500 steps a day

Also I bought an iron fish to add iron to my ice cubes (I am anemic) and I am going to use those ice cubes this week to try to increase energy.

Benefits of no sugar this week-a bit of added energy, tummy is not puffy.

Benefits of added steps this week-a bit of added energy.

To my 74 followers-keep on keeping on!

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