April 8-just returned from Vegas and am still 3 weeks no sugar-kinda

Many of you know that I am a teacher and since my husband and I work in the same school district, we have the same Spring Break. We were going to just stay home and do things around the yard of the house we bought in November. However, Michigan weather decided it was going to be about 40 and snow the whole week. So we hopped on a plane to Vegas where it was 85 and sunny for the whole week. It was awesome!

Sugar update. I only ate sugar twice (it was vacation after all) and I didn’t finish the dessert either time. The first one was watching the NCAA title game and our restaurant had a skillet cookie with ice-cream. I only ate a quarter of it.

The second time was a really special restaurant that served banana gelato and Nutella filled donuts. ( I LOVE anything banana and I love Nutella).

Can I tell you something that makes me sad? Neither one was very good. I had waited all this time and was expecting them to be out of this world amazing and they weren’t really. I read a book on vacation that said “who will you be if you give up your story?” Who will I be if I, as a sugar addict, no longer eat sugar? I know to some of you this seems silly. But Vegas was different when I wasn’t searching for all the sugary treats I would eat. It was weird. Good weird, but weird.

Step update- DEFINITELY exceeded 8500 a day. Its Vegas and there is a t0n of walking. I have not tallied in today yet but the average is about 10,000 a day. And man was I pooped! I have to continue to walk and increase my strength. I will aim for 9000 this week (remember that Vegas was a “BURST” and I still need to increase my progress toward my goals in a tiny manner)

Challenge for next week is to continue to stay sugar free (not a huge thing at this point) and eat 1 day of NO CARBS. So totally KETO. And an average of 9000 daily steps. I will keep you posted!

To my 76 followers-THANK YOU! See you next week!

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