April 17-4 weeks no sugar (Easter doesn’t count)

Today is Easter. We went to an Easter Brunch. I had dessert. It was good and I am glad I ate it but I have felt kind of sick for the last few hours.

  1. My body is clearly getting used to not eating sugar.
  2. I am still experimenting with what to eat/how to eat/etc…
  3. I don’t want to go back to my old ways of eating sugar.
  4. l haven’t really missed sugar except on a few stressful days.

I DID eat one day of NO CARBS and I was super hungry! If I stay on track, I am supposed to do TWO days without carbs this week. I am not sure. I will do one for sure and I will try to do two. Remember, tiny steps so that it is maintainable. I am not trying to get burned out on a diet, I am trying to find a lifestyle plan of eating.

I only averaged about 8000 steps this week so that is disappointing. I will again aim for 9000 this week.

However, good things are that my eating is MUCH healthier than it was a month ago, I am moving MUCH more than I did a month ago, and I feel MORE IN CONTROL of life things than I did a month ago so those are huge bonuses!

I am going to go another month of no sugar. I need to be careful that I don’t start “cheating” with tastes and bites, here and there. Going to keep an eye on it and work through it one day at a time, knowing how good I feel right now.

Goals for this week-1 (maybe two days) of totally no carbs. Try for 9000 steps.

To my 79 followers-THANK YOU! Here’s to having a sunny week!

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