April 24-5 weeks of no sugar. It’s getting harder not easier. But my bathroom sink is clear.

So I wrote last week how good it was to not eat sugar. Then…

Then, a colleague brought in butter beer cookies and she had made one especially for me.

Then, we went out for drinks and I had pop with liquor.

Now it is Sunday and I really want to quit.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I hate in the magazines. diet books, websites, etc… where they make eating healthy sound so easy. I hate that it never takes into account the real world and the real temptations. Parties, gatherings, people making you food, etc…

Food is joyful. Food is fun. Food makes people happy. Dieting usually makes people unhappy-yes you love how you look when you are thinner, but it takes a LOT OF WORK and consistency to get there and stay there. I like being honest. Tell it like it is. Don’t sugar coat how hard it is. Therefore, I am being honest.

I am not going to quit. I am going to keep going on my mostly sugar free journey. Baby steps. Tiny little actions toward the bigger goal of health and wellness.

I also only averaged about 7500 steps this week despite walking 3 days. I will continue to improve my step count but I will put it back down to 8000 steps since 9000 seems to be too big of a gap right now.

Now, here is a success for this week. Bathroom organization. I love when my bathroom sink vanity is cleared off. However, it seems hard to keep it cleared off. So, I made one basket for all my morning stuff-face lotion, contacts, jewelry, hairdryer, makeup, hairspray, etc… Then I made a separate basket for my nighttime stuff-night time face lotion, micellar water, makeup remover, floss, contact solution, etc… I started taking out the entire basket, using everything in it, and storing it back in the cupboard when I was finished getting ready. Same with the nighttime. The only thing on my vanity is my toothbrush and toothpaste (I use it morning and night). And it has worked wonderfully! Such a small simple concept that really helps keep the bathroom organized! I also made sure that the things in it are used EVERY DAY. I have an extra bottle of contact solution, but that is in the hall closet so it doesn’t clog up space. On the home edit, they call it “back stock.” Other back stock items for me include deep conditioner (use once a week) jewelry box (I wear mostly the same rings, watch and earrings every day), extra toothpaste, etc…

It has really helped and I smile every day when my vanity is clear. If you have multiple people sharing a bathroom, get everyone their own bins and find a way to store them. Leave out items that everyone shares (hairdryer, toothpaste, hand soap)

To my 79 followers-thank you for reading! Have a great week!

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