May 1-tangible success from not eating sugar

I had my yearly physical and had blood work done and the most amazing thing happened. I had REALLY GOOD NUMBERS!

My A1C is 5.6. Normal

My cholesterol is under 200.

My triglycerides were only slightly above normal.

My TSH (thyroid) is normal.

Normally, my sugar is on the higher side (pre-diabetic) and my cholesterol and triglycerides are usually high as well.

NORMAL! Unbelievable! No medications for these things! Just pure diet and exercise (and not even the greatest diet-just cut out sugar). I could stand to eat more vegetables.

So what does that tell me? 1. I have to keep going. 2. I have to keep going. and 3. I have to keep going. BUT…

I miss sweets. I won’t lie to you, and I have been cheating here and there. HOWEVER, I do NOT want to go on sugar and cholesterol meds (most of my family has to) so this will need to be the tough choice I make each day.

I will limit my sweets to special occasions. I have to tell myself that “Tuesday” is not a special occasion. LOL

Tiny steps-As many days as possible this week without sugar. 8000 or more daily steps. Keep dining table cleared off.

80 FOLLOWERS! WOOOHOOOO! Thank you all!

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