May 8-Mother’s Day, a Gala, and a graduation

Mother’s Day/a gala/ a graduation and an award for my father and grandfather

So starting last Thursday night, I had to drive to my moms (about 2 hours away), get ready for an award ceremony at the community college (dad and Grandma were being honored), head to a 6oth anniversary GALA for a foundation that I donate to and was on the board of directors, and celebrate Mother’s Day. 

To say that my weekend was busy was an understatement. Also, Since I wasn’t home, some things did not get done (the laundry, clothes put away, etc…)

HOWEVER, I am writing this post to show you how even when you are super busy, the TINY steps can add up and help you out.

  1. The bathroom daytime and nighttime bins have kept my bathroom completely picked up. I did not unpack my suitcase last night because I was too tired but I put my dopp kit in the day bin after I got ready this morning and bathroom is clean
  2. Washed coffee travel mugs (they cant go in dishwasher) by hand while husband when to grocery store. THEN after we ate dinner, I ran the dishwasher so we woke up to no dishes in the sink.
  3. Taking something from every room with me every time I leave the room made it so I got the dining room table cleared and we could eat dinner. Also I got my car cleared out.

However, our bedroom became the dumping ground for everything.  And tonight we wont be home after school until late so it wont get picked up tonight. BUT I was able to put a pair of shoes, sweatpants, and a dress away before heading to work. So its not too bad. 

Remember the tiny steps keep you from drowning and even if only a few of them are in operation, it will keep your head above water until you can do more of them and next week I am going to talk about a reward system I am putting into place.

Thank you to my 81 followers!

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