May 30-tiny housekeeping-toilets/mirrors

It is a holiday weekend in the US (Memorial Day) so I will keep this short.

Keep cleaning supplies near where they are used. Last week I bought a 2nd toilet brush and toilet bowl cleaner. It probably cost about $10.00. However, it has already proved very useful. Before the 2nd brush, I would clean one toilet then wait for the brush to dry before dragging it through the house to clean the 2nd toilet. It was a hassle and it took extra time. Now I simply squirt solution into the bowl, scrub it and leave. It takes about 3 minutes. I also leave the brush and cleaner sitting right next to the toilet (in case of company, it can be hidden in the cabinet quickly)

I also keep glass cleaner under the sink for the mirror and solution to wipe down the sink and toilet. I keep the same supplies in the 2nd bathroom. It is a small tip but when you don’t have to carry things back and forth, it saves time. Cleaning the bathroom takes 5-10 minutes instead of 20.

Thank you to my 84 followers! Have a great day!

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