July 12-starting another 30 day sugar fast

I have indulged. A lot. It started when my grandma got sick and continued until July 5 (so almost a month). Unfortunately you can do a lot of damage in a month. I was tired and worn out and eating everything I could get my hands on. So I decided to do a 30 day NO SUGAR challenge. Here are the questions and observations after week 1

  1. Why isn’t all the weight just falling right off?
  2. I do think I have more energy.
  3. I do think my body is less stiff and sore from general life tasks.
  4. I have taken a walk most of the last 7 days and it feels pretty good.
  5. I haven’t really missed sugar too badly ( I am allowing myself fruit-blueberries)
  6. I also am letting myself have ONE SMORE if I find myself around a fire (we don’t get a ton of great campfire nights in Michigan)
  7. Sugar is my kryptonite (just like Superman-the minute I am around it, it weakens me)
  8. Why haven’t I lost any weight yet?
  9. I think my body feels better.
  10. Why haven’t I lost any weight yet?

So as you can see, I am frustrated that I haven’t lost any weight yet. IN fact, I have gained. There are days when the human body amazes me and times like right now when it just ticks me off. I am not quitting but I am not happy. Hopefully week 2 will produce more positive results.

To my 86 followers-thank you! This sugar fast is a “burst” and NOT in the tiny step family in case you have been reading my other posts.

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