July 14-use the tiny moments to organize a cupboard

Last night I opened a kitchen cabinet and a Tupperware lid fell onto my head. After shouting at my husband (it wasn’t his fault but he was closest), I vowed that I would reorganize the 3 shelves of Tupperware.

Then, I woke up this morning and forgot about my desire to organize the Tupperware. I was reminded of it as I put away the dishes from dinner last night as my coffee brewed and once again, I had to get into the Tupperware cabinet.

So after I put the dinner dishes away (there weren’t a lot), I took out everything from the 3 shelves of Tupperware storage. Mismatched lids, tiny school lunch containers, bigger containers, you name it. It was all in there.

First, I used a container I already had to stack the big lids.

Second, I put the lids ON the little containers we use for packing lunches. We won’t have to pack lunches again for about 5 more weeks.

Third, I took some extra napkins that were being stored in there and put them in a napkin holder.

All of this while my second cup of coffee was brewing (single serve machine.)

Then (this is where a “dump area” comes into play), I took a bowl and the ice cube trays that had been in there and simply stuffed them in a different cabinet. I am unsure of what to do with them at this time and they would have really held up the organization of the other cabinet so Boom! Problem solved!

***Another tiny tip is STOP STUFFING EVERYTHING into the cabinet you think it belongs in! I am convinced that every single person can be organized, but we simply have too much stuff we are trying to put into one space. For example, only have room for a few dishes in the kitchen? Then keep the crockpot, roasting pan, grilling tools, muffin tins, bread baking container SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!!!!! Otherwise, your kitchen is always a mess and you never feel “organized.” If you have to, make one place a dumping ground/storage area and then keep all of your other areas clean and tidy.

Happy Thursday to my 86 followers! Have a great day!

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