July 21-week 2 update of no sugar

It is going better. I feel better. I had a couple of “slip ups” but for the most part, I am not eating sugar. No cookies, cakes, candy, pop, etc…

I don’t know if I have lost weight but I feel better.

I have more energy.

I feel like I have more control over my hunger.

I do still miss having “treats.”

I will continue.

I wish I had more insight for you right now but I don’t. As far as “diet” my breakfasts and lunches are manly low/no carb and then dinner is sometimes low carb and sometimes not.

Like Superman, sugar is my kryptonite. I have to stay away from it if I want to be my best self and have the energy needed for my life.

To my 86 followers, keep on keeping on! If you are in the part of the world that is having a heat wave right now, do as little as possible and survive. I mean it. Just do everything you can to get through it and think about working on yourself and your goals after the heat has passed.

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