July 23-tidy up/clean BEFORE you leave for vacation

So I actually learned this tip my sophomore year of college. We had a party at my house and at 3 am, after everyone had left, we found ourselves with tons of energy and so we cleaned up. Everything! We probably got to bed around 4am.

The magical part was the next morning when we woke up around noon on a Sunday and our apartment looked like nothing had ever happened! It was awesome! The pretzels that had been ground into the carpet were gone, the cans and pizza boxes all over the coffee table were gone, everything was picked up! Dishes were done-EVERYTHING! It made Sunday a super relaxing day for all of us.

When my husband and I first started living together after marriage, I would always leave things to later-dishes, laundry, cleaning, etc… I always assumed I would have more time and energy LATER. Well, later would arrive and I didn’t want to do it any more then than I do right now. The same goes for cleaning before vacation.

Sometimes you won’t have time before you rush out the door for a 3 day vacay. Other times, you may have a half of a day or so to prepare before you leave-I would spend that time doing laundry, tidying, cleaning, getting the house in order the best you can with the time you have. Here’s why. You are already tired and in need of a vacation (it is why you are going on one). Cleaning or not cleaning is not going to change that fact. IF you pick things up before you leave, when you return home rested, you also have a clean house to start the week back into work/school/life/etc…

If you still don’t believe me or don’t think you have time, try to do the dishes and the laundry before you go. That way, you will have clean clothes to wear for a few days (your vacation laundry is another beast) and you will have dishes to eat upon. Most people don’t like coming home from a vacation, but if you can come home to a clean house, it makes it better.

Things I take care of before we leave on vacation

  1. All the laundry is washed, dried and put away.
  2. Dishes are done and either drying on a towel or in the dishwasher.
  3. Living room clutter is picked up.
  4. Dining room table is cleared off.
  5. Trash is taken out.
  6. Bathroom is picked up and toilet has cleaner in it.
  7. Purse is cleaned out of only things I need for vacation.
  8. IF IT IS A SCHOOL VACATION-I also make sure the backpack is ready for the first day back of school and that there is a lunch to be packed for the first day back also (something that doesn’t spoil so we can go to the grocery store later). You could also lay out clothes for that first day back as well.

If I have bonus time I will vacuum or sweep the kitchen floor, but that usually doesn’t happen. I watched one woman online dust and vacuum and DEEP CLEAN her house before vacation. That is not what I am talking about here. I am simply talking about an hour’s worth of tidying and cleaning that will have you coming back to an orderly house.

To my 86 followers-stay tiny! See you next week!

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