July 29-week 3 of no sugar was a disaster

Most of us don’t like to be told NO. We want what we want, when we want it, and how we want it. We are also great at wanting things that are in contradiction with each other. For example:

We want a beach ready body, but we want to eat whatever we want and however much we want.

We want to have lots of money in the bank, but we want to own pretty things and take nice vacations.

We want to be smart, but we scroll social media and television all day.

We want better relationships with friends and family, but we don’t want to hear that we might be part of the problem.

Saying NO actually gives us freedom instead of taking it away from us. Here’s what I mean. If you have been following this blog, you know that I believe in tiny incremental gains of achievement toward a goal. However, sometimes you have to BURST or sprint. For me, denying myself sugary foods is a BURST toward healthier eating. Every time I have done a 30 day “challenge” of not eating sugar, I feel and look better at the end of it.

This time was a bit different because I gave myself a pass and allowed myself a S’more or two around the campfire. This may be innocent enough for some people, but here is how it turned out for me.

One S’more, then two, then finishing leftover graham crackers for breakfast “so they didn’t get stale”, then popping marshmallows into my mouth when I walked by them and wanted something sweet, then finishing up the last open chocolate bar “so it didn’t go to waste.”

After typing these excuses, I can see how silly they look. However at the time I was eating them, I felt totally justified because it fell within my “S’more” parameter.

So on our return trip from the Upper Peninsula, I told myself “NO MORE.” And a small sigh of relief hit me. NO MEANS NO. NO SMORES, NO BITES OR LICKS OR ANYTHING. At least for 9 more days until my month ends and I reevaluate. I already feel better. People relax when you cut off any other possibilities from them. They know the boundaries. It is ok to give yourself boundaries. That is what I am doing for the next 9 days.

To my 86 followers, can you tell yourself “NO” and make yourself listen?

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