Oct 2, 2022 Don’t move too quickly

I wanted to have an average of 8500 steps a day this week and next week. However, this week is a funeral and parent teacher conferences. The time after school will not be my own. Therefore, I will do the best I can but I will also give myself some grace during a tough week.

One small tip, since I won’t have time to workout after school, is that I will park farther away and will walk to the farthest bathroom at my school. Every little bit counts. If I park in the farthest parking spot away from the door, it adds an additional 250 steps a day to my step count. Over a week that will add up to 1250. That is an extra two miles per month without doing anything else.

These little steps matter. Keep that in mind.

To my 89 followers, have a great week!

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