December 4, 2022. The start of “Declutter December”

In many parts of the world, people are starting to celebrate the holidays. Those holidays bring parties, food, presents, etc… It is a time of excess and celebration. This year, I started a challenge of decluttering my home, classroom, and car BEFORE bringing in more stuff.

The first day I took tea bags into work that I wasn’t going to use/drink (they disappeared before lunch). The second day I got rid of old receipts and expired coupons in our kitchen. The third day I cleared out a shelf at school and relocated everything back to where it should be or I gave it away. Today I cleaned out my coffee cupboard and found coffee beans from BEFORE Covid-so those went out with the trash.

We don’t have a ton of junk in our house and I am pretty good at keeping things clean and organized. However, the last 4 days have taught me that there is always more that can be cleaned out and donated, sold, or tossed. It helped to reveal things we can donate to others (measuring cups, pens, old towels to the animal shelter.) Hopefully as we come into the holiday season, we can keep ridding the house of excess stuff so that any new presents/food items/clothes/etc… have a place to live.

I really believe this will help with the inevitable holiday stress that always crops up around this time. My goal is to continue each day with one or two items that we can throw away, pass on to someone else, recycle, or just get out of the house.

Next up is Tupperware containers without lids, old bills/mail/magazines, any clothes that dont fit, etc…

To my 96 followers, thank you! How have you decided to handle the stress of the holidays? Remember to stay tiny in whatever endeavor you pursue.

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