April 2-spring cleaning in a tiny way.

Spring cleaning is awesome. If you live in a cold climate like I do, it is the time of the year when you open the windows, wipe things down, clean and generally “air out the house.” It can be great and it can also be overwhelming. The yard needs tending (the snow has probably left at this point). The garage is a mess because things were “shoved in there” when it was cold and snowing, the house could use a good scrub down, the windows, the floors, the refrigerator, etc… It is a lot.

So start tiny. My first step is going to be a junk drawer. Reevaluate coupons, pens, chopsticks, magnets, scissors, etc and see what I still need to keep.

Then windows (inside) but I am only going to do a few a day to prevent the overwhelm. We have 7 windows upstairs so I will do one per day.

The refrigerator will be on a Saturday since we do our grocery shopping on a Sunday. I will begin the week by checking expiration dates and throwing out expired food.

Eventually I will get to the garage and the yard but starting small in the house is the first step to not get overwhelmed. It also provides satisfaction and keeps me motivated to keep going for a few weeks so that the house gets a “good clean.”

Happy Spring to my 110 subscribers and my 336 subscribers!

One thought on “April 2-spring cleaning in a tiny way.”

  1. Hello tall girl.  Not really spring cleaning but getting Christmas tree etc put away 👍

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