April 16, 2023. When tiny actions come together unexpectedly-it feels like magic.

Daily tiny actions seem unimportant until you experience the magic. The magic occurs suddenly and sometimes unexpectedly. You have saved yourself time, energy, money, etc and you aren’t even sure how you did it because you don’t remember working that hard. So what does the magic look like?

Increasing the steps you take each day so that you to walk 17000 steps around Las Vegas without getting tired.

Cleaning out your car a little bit at a time so that you vacuum it on the day you wash it and you have a completely clean car in less than 15 minutes.

Saving a few dollars a day so that you reach a savings goal that seemed really far off and when the day arrives the money is in the bank.

Tidying up clothes every day after work so that you can clean the spare bedroom in about 10 minutes since everything is already put away.

Grading a few papers each day so you can get through 60 essays in less than a week and your students have feed back and you don’t feel overwhelmed by being an English teacher.

Using the time and energy you have (doing dishes while brewing coffee) so you can come home to a clean kitchen and empty sink.

Everyday magic is all around us and when we use tiny actions each day, the magic seems to appear quickly and out of nowhere.

To my 111 subscribers and 339 followers-THANK YOU! Stay tiny and the magic will find you!

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