1/7/23 Keto/low carb-one week down (how is it going???)

So, I hate to even mention this on this on my blog because this diet is more of a “burst” than tiny steps. Yes, leading up to starting the new way of eating was all tiny steps (more water, cut down on sugar, more steps, cut out chips, etc…) but the actual low carb diet itself is a maj0r “burst.” You have to go all the way to get into ketosis, and so you cant really tiny step your way there (there are other diets like weight watchers that are more conducive to tiny changes) but Keto/low carb is not one of them.

Why do I like a low carb diet? 1. It is easy as far as what you can/ can not eat. 2. It REALLY curbs my hunger. 3. It seems to provide me with more energy than other diets. 4. It brings down my cholesterol, sugar, and triglyceride numbers. (I have been able to avoid medications by eating this way)

Why don’t I like a low carb diet? IT IS NOT FUN-It is boring and repetitive and strict. It is difficult to eat with others (like if everyone is ordering pizza)

So…in order to make it more fun and hopefully stick to it long term, I am trying a technique called the carb nite solution. It is a book that professes you can eat low carb for 6.5 days and have what ever you want for dinner at the end of the week and it wont derail your progress. (I am picking Saturday night.) Tonight will be my first try at this. I will let you know how it goes.

Also, I am taking part in a lot of other bursts today such as deep cleaning the house (need to reset before school starts again Monday), taking down and putting away Christmas decor (including tree), washing all the laundry, towels, and bedding, washing the carpets (our cats like to dribble their food).

Today isnt really a tiny action day. It is a day of many bursts but it is a day I feel needs to happen every once in a while in order to have tiny actions work the other 99 percent of the time.

THANK YOU to my 99 followers-got a new one this morning so thank you to that person! Stay tiny my friends!

September 2, 2022-31 days without social media

Wow! I actually did it. I stayed off Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest for all of August. And I am here to say, it was kind of amazing. There were a few downfalls-I didn’t see the “first day of school” pictures from all my friends and family, I missed the news that my former cleaning lady was killed in a car accident,I started obsessively checking my email, and I “got bored” a few times. Other than that, I DID NOT MISS IT AT ALL!

So this blog is about all the tiny actions that lead you toward your goals. I have written a book that is being edited and will be published (Oct 1 hopefully) about that process. However, if you have been following the blog for a while, I also talk about “bursts” that you can take toward your goals and my social media fast is one of those bursts.


  1. I read 13 novels/books.
  2. I increased my step count each week.
  3. I listened to a few inspiration podcasts.
  4. I cleaned out parts of my basement
  5. I started a new teaching job.
  6. I finished writing my book (it has been in the works for 9 months).
  7. I felt like I was choosing my life instead of having it choose me.
  8. I stayed out of so much drama.
  9. I watched a Netflix series with my mom.
  10. I felt calmer and lighter-the summer days seemed to move slower (like they did when I was a kid)

Would I recommend something like this? ABSOLUTELY! I actually did that to a friend of mine. She joined me on the challenge and seemed to miss it a lot more than I did BUT she also didn’t turn off her notifications so she felt compelled to reach out to people if they reached out to her first.

So here is the big question, Am I going back on it? Right now? NO. Will I in the future? Maybe. I do miss looking at pictures and seeing the lives of some of my friends. I don’t miss the advertisements, political rants, and ickiness that sometimes comes with having an active account.

Here is my advice is you want to do a social media fast of your own. 1. Turn off your notifications. 2. Have someone in your life that can notify you of news (like deaths, invites to parties, etc…) 3. Start small-maybe give it up for one day, then one week and gradually work up to a whole month. 4. Have something “better” to fill your time with. I read novels and worked on my own book. These are things that I always want to do and never feel as though I have the time. I gave myself that time by avoiding social media. 5. Forgive yourself-my friend that was doing the challenge with me found herself in the hospital one night and to keep her mind off things, she got on Facebook. THAT IS TOTALLY ACCEPTABLE! Give yourself some grace if something happens. (She hopped right back off Facebook when she got home).

The biggest takeway from this experiment was that I wanted to feel in control of my life and I feel like I achieved that. I was mindlessly scrolling before this and now, I consciously consume the electronic information that goes into my head.

To my 89 followers-thank you so much! I hope you have an amazing weekend! Try “living” this weekend instead of watching others live online-you will be so glad you did!