April 25-week 1 of no sugar is working

So I wanted to believe that I could have a little bit of sugar each day and be just fine. Apparently, that is not the case for someone like me. I have gone one whole week without any dark chocolate, candy, cookies, pop, desserts, etc…and I feel pretty good.

I have eaten fruit (blueberries, grapes, bananas) and have eaten SOME carbs so it is not 100 percent keto but I will say this…

I am sleeping better and not as much.

I don’t feel as ravenously hungry as I was feeling.

I have a decent amount of energy which is great also.

So the verdict? I don’t think I can “moderately eat” sugar. It has to be an all or nothing thing for me. And right now, it needs to be a “nothing”. Heres why-I enjoy sleeping and not waking to feel sluggish. I enjoy energy. And I enjoy not wanting to feel like I have to eat all the time.

Before giving it up, I was eating a piece of candy here, a donut there, a cookie here and there and once I ate one thing, it was so much easier to just keep eating sugary food. There was no “moderation.”

So tiny habits I am embracing are parking my car farther away in the parking lot, saving spare change, and sipping water throughout the day. However, the sugar habit? I had to go big on that one. So far it is working. I will keep you posted on week 2. I am taking my tennis team out for ice cream on Tuesday. We will see if I can resist.

THANK YOU to my 39 followers! It means so much to me and I hope my words resonate just a little! Stay tiny!