February 14-Valentines Day weekend

Feb 14

Valentines Day

So last week little steps

8:30 to 10 min of elliptical

Money-credit cards are still paid off.  Put 50.00 into my savings for Vegas as a reward (that’s what post is going to be about today)

Health-parked farther away in parking lot again-did elliptical 5 times this week (one was today but I still feel like counting it)

Work-Wrote for blog before work today as well as worked on fiction book this week.

Home-pulled comforter up on bed, washed dishes out from lunch at school, did laundry

Rewards.  When I think of a reward, I think of finding someone’s dog and getting a monetary reward or potty training a kid and giving them a piece of candy for “going potty.” It is hard to imagine “rewarding an adult.” And yet, there are some goals that I am struggling with, so I thought I would reward myself if I could work on them consistently.  There is some bath soap I would like, and it is kind of expensive.  I have determined that every day I work on my novel, I will transfer 1.00 to my bath soap fund.  As soon as I hit the price of the bath soap (24.00) then I can go purchase it.  It may seem silly but I have 6.00 in the fund now and have been working diligently on my book.  Also, for every day that I don’t eat sugar, I transfer 10.00 to my vacation account. Or 15.00 if I go completely carb free. Last week I transferred 50.00.  So it seems to be working. I will do both of these again this week.

Mental- read articles about rewards-couldnt really find what I was looking for

Other– Wrote a letter to Grandma

Bursts-had a huge burst day and got a ton of stuff done.  Then, in true burst fashion, the next day I was super tired and didn’t accomplish much but that is ok! You have to take advantage of the bursts when they happen and then settle back into your regular routine when the burst is over. 


Valentines weekend.  Friday night, Saturday and Sunday morning I ate some cookies and some very rich food.  But it was a holiday and I will be back at my low carb lifestyle again tomorrow.  

Next steps

Try for 11 min on elliptical (trying to prepare for Vegas and tennis season so I am pushing a little harder)

Move money for “no sugar days” into a separate account (going to be Vegas account now that we have booked that)

Health-9000 steps a day, ONE day of no sugar and be proud if I do that

Work-notes each day for the blog and at least 4 days of writing my novel. Also asked to shadow some other teachers at school so I can work on becoming a better teacher.

Home-keep dishes done each night and dresser cleaned off.  Home is pretty clean right now so will maintain this week.

Others: compliment 2 people this week.