1/2/23. I spoke to female high school athletes today about tiny actions!

I was invited to a local high school to speak to the women’s wrestlers and basketball players today. It was awesome!

All of the girls were great, and I am thankful that I was able to speak to them and give them a few ideas to improve their performance in sports, school, and life.

However, the most impactful part of the day happened AFTER all of the girls left. One girl stayed behind. We started chatting and I found out that she was a state champion in wrestling last year. Even though she is one of the best, she wants to constantly improve herself. Here are some of the tiny actions she is already practicing

  1. Shows up early
  2. Contacts coach about how she could improve
  3. Stays off social media
  4. Watches her old matches and critiques them.
  5. Is working with mom (a nurse) and coach to eat even healthier
  6. Works out all summer for 3-4 hours each day
  7. Drives to GR to wrestle in a sports club (womens wrestling is still a pretty new sport in Michigan so not all high schools have teams)
  8. Is aware of her weaknesses and is working on them
  9. Is developing a prematch routine and post match routine
  10. Lets herself be vulnerable with a new person so that she could learn from them (me)

If you want to know why some people succeed and some don’t, here is the proof. The concrete proof of actions she takes that others do not. She is outworking people. She has put a lot of tiny actions into place and was talking with me today about how she could incorporate even more of them into her life.

THIS is what it is all about. Tiny actions to get you to your goal.

Stay tiny my friends!

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