February 5, 2023. Do tiny actions matter? If you aren’t sure…

Move your trashcan in your bathroom.

In my bathroom, the extra toilet paper is on one side of my toilet and the trashcan is on the other. The trash can is hard to get to-it is kind of jammed against the wall and not easy to access. I don’t throw away a ton of stuff in there but the occasional cotton swab, tissue, and disposable contact does need to be thrown away.

So I switched it with the toilet paper and guess what? It is SOOOOOOO much easier to access now! The same items are still in the bathroom but they are just in a different spot. It has made my life easier.

What other tiny actions am I taking this week?

I spend 2 minutes each night after dinner sorting through a paper pile to find tax documents so that I can file my taxes.

I move a few dollars a week into a fund for washing my car.

I walk up and down the hallway at school (the long way) so that I get more steps in during the day.

What tiny actions are you focusing on?

THANK YOU TO MY FOLLOWERS! All 104 of you make me smile every day! Stay tiny!

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