July 16-change your systems (just a little)

We bought a house a couple of weeks ago. This is our fourth house as a married couple. Over that time we have accumulated stuff (we have decluttered each time but stuff still accumulates) and accumulated systems for doing things like laundry, dishes, housework, yard work, etc…

As I was doing the laundry today, I realized something. Our previous system was not going to work. Our first house had main floor laundry. Our second house had main floor laundry. Our third house had laundry in the finished basement. This house has laundry in an UNFINISHED basement. This may seem like a little thing but it actually isn’t. In all the other house, I would just put dirty laundry on the floor to sort and to wait to go into the washer. The cement floor is kind of dusty and I don’t want the clothes to get any dirtier than they already are SOOOOOO I have to change my system.

This made me wonder how many times we try to “fit old stuff into a new space.” A new school year, a new house, a new weight loss or gain, a new job, a new dresser or closet, even a new backpack or lunch bag for school. We use the “old stuff” because it is there and it worked in the past. Well I am here to tell you that the old stuff might need to be changed. I am not advocating running out and buying new things. Actually the exact opposite. See what you can subtly change (in a tiny way) in your house/school bag/lunch bag/ bedroom/ etc… that would make a huge difference. That is what I did with the laundry.

Here’s the laundry fix-I have two hampers. One is in basement. One is in the bedroom. I have a 31 tote that is easier to carry than a laundry basket and that is what I will use to carry dirty clothes downstairs and clean clothes upstairs. I will look for a table or something (in the attic at my parents house) that I could put in the basement to keep laundry off the floor (folding and sorting).

It is different. It will be different. However, it is a tiny change and I think it will help a lot. So as I navigate a new home, I will continue to look for TINY changes in my systems that may help things move smoothly. I truly believe that tiny fixes and changes are the way to do things and keep overwhelm and anxiety at a minimum-hence the reason for this blog.

THANK YOU to my 52 followers! You keep me inspired and motivated! Have a great day/week!

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