Sept 26-cleaning out the garage with tiny actions

We moved into our new house in the late fall/winter of last year. As with most people, we stuffed a ton of boxes into the garage to “deal with later.” I also cleaned out my classroom and stuffed even more boxes into it. The creme de la creme was when we finished our basement this summer and put a lot of the basement boxes into the garage so that we could drywall, paint, etc… So the garage has become a bit of a disaster.

We could still fit two cars into it (I am proud of that) but EVERY other square inch is taken up with stuff and it needs to be dealt with. I COULD spend an entire weekend cleaning and organizing and getting it taken care of, but I don’t want to do that. Instead, I am using tiny steps to get it cleaned up. Here are the first 5 days.

Day 1. Brought 3 Christmas presents (light up boxes) to basement and stored them with the rest of the Christmas decor. Put winter mats in back of jeep.

Day 2. Two college signs for the basement a paper towel holder and two cooler bags. Silverware from our wedding and two plastic containers that are empty

Also I have some energy and some time while something is cooking on the stove so I took about 5 gallons of paint down to the basement where we are going to store it more permanently than in the garage because we do not need it right now.

Day 3 is five more paint cans, a small bin and threw away some essential oils that were 5 to 7 years old and not stored properly.The goal is to every day put something where it supposed to be one or two things and also throw out some thing or discard some thing that doesn’t belong

Day 4. threw a way two teaching things, put two in my bag to take to school, moved around three shelves so that the more I organize I can start putting things where they belong and I moved a rake and a leaf blower. Also got rid of three shirts that had been peed on by my cat and put some cleaner in the hall closet where the rest of the cleaners are (husband noticed at this point)

Day 5. took some golf signs to the basement. Put tie cables into a bin. Put some shoes on new cleaned off shelf. Threw away 2 books. Hung up blower.

Thank you to my 89 followers! My book will be published to Amazon soon! I will link it here also!

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