March 5-what to do with failure

Since September I have been studying the French language with any tiny chunks of time I have had. The goal is to teach high school beginner French. (I studied French in college and lived in Paris for a year but that was over 20 years ago)

Bit of a problem-I can’t seem to pass the certification test. I KNOW I am learning and improving but I have to pass this test. What tiny steps have I been taking?

I listen to Canadian radio.

I read the Parisian newspaper.

I complete Duolingo lessons every day

I attend a French conversation class once a week.

I study French grammar out of a textbook I bought.

I watch movies in French on Netflix.

All of these tiny steps are helping but they haven’t helped me reach my goal. So what now? Do I give up? Do I keep going? I feel I am at a crossroads. This isn’t like the movies where after 20 minutes of struggle and hard work, you start to climb the mountain. This is real life struggle, frustration and disappointment. Real life failure. and I’m tired of it.

So if you are struggling with something right now, just know that I understand and am in the same boat. I will keep at it with my tiny little steps of French, but you should know that this isn’t a quick fix and there will be times of immense disappointment and frustration. I am currently in one of those times. I will let you know how and when I pull myself out of it.

Thank you to my 72 followers! I hope you have an amazing week!

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